Fast-filling system 200 l

Fast-filling system 200 l

HN 50

Product Information

  • For quick drum filling from 200 l semi-transparent HDPE tank
  • Discharge rate approx. 100 l/min.
  • Adjustable, automatic premixing of water and product
  • Only works with water pipe pressure
  • Always a constant mixing ratio
  • License agreement possible

Areas of application

  • Dosing station and quick filling system for 200 litre drums


  • Changes or variations in colour of the product do not impact on the quality. The product image may differ in colour and shape from the original.

Environmental information

Painting of easily degradable ingredients

0 %


0 mg/g

Palm oil -based raw materials - proportion of RSPO certified

contain no palm oil-based raw materials

The proportion of easily degradable ingredients refers to the proportion of organic ingredients that are defined as “easily biodegradable” according to OECD 301 or Detergent Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004. The value of the phosphorus content refers to elemental phosphorus. Palm oil is an important renewable source for the production of raw materials. The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), founded in 2004, promotes sustainable cultivation methods for palm oil. This results in a certification system and the possibility of declaring raw materials as “RSPO-certified”.

Sales units

  • HN50-0001: 1 x 1 piece