Corridor® Glorin

Corridor® Glorin

S 734

Material compatibility

  • Linoleum | uncoated
  • Linoleum | coated
  • Linoleum | PU seal
  • PVC | homogeneous

Product Information

  • Durable, high-gloss polymer dispersion
  • Very good filling power and good flow properties
  • Forms a dirt-repellent and abrasion-resistant care film
  • Facilitates maintenance cleaning through higher surface performance
  • Free of metal salt
  • Optimal alcohol and disinfectant resistance
  • Enables seamless repairs, e.g. for walkways, standing areas or chair scuffs
  • Slip-resistant according to DIN EN 16165
  • Can be easily polished with the high-speed machine
  • Economical, as it is suitable for dry care film restoration and for cleaning (spray method)
  • Resistant to mechanical influences

Area of application


Environmental Information

Proportion of easily degradable ingredients

22.1 %

Phosphorus content

0.8 mg/g

Palm oil-based raw materials - RSPO-certified share


Sales units

  • S734-0010RA: 1 x 10 l canister

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