Frost Clean

Frost Clean

G 579



  • Organic / inorganic contamination (grease, oil, protein, starch etc.)

Material compatibility

  • Porcelain stoneware tiles
  • Aluminium | indoor
  • Safety tiles
  • Chrome
  • Cement and concrete screed
  • Stainless steel
  • Ceramic tiles

Product Information

  • Excellent cleaning power even at low temperatures
  • Removes general and pigmented dirt, especially stubborn oily and greasy dirt
  • Effective wetting effect without disruptive foaming
  • Quick drying to create non-slip surfaces
  • Has a de-icing effect and enables cleaning during operation without defrosting, without storage and without interrupting the cold chain
  • Material-compatible
  • Can be used immediately as it is ready to use
  • Can be used mechanically and manually

Area of application


Environmental Information

Proportion of easily degradable ingredients

100 %

Phosphorus content

0 mg/g

Palm oil-based raw materials - RSPO-certified share


Sales units

  • G579-0010RA: 1 x 10 l canister

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