Buz® Laundry Compact

Buz® Laundry Compact

L 810

Product Information

  • Efficient, powerful surfactant system for the ultimate removal of dirt
  • Optimal lime binding capacity due to special complexing agents
  • Perfect whiteness due to optical brighteners
  • High dirt holding capacity – therefore dissolved dirt not dragged onto the fibre
  • Protection from greying
  • Effortlessly removes dirt such as street dirt, soot, grease & oils, urine, etc
  • VAH-listed washing process in combination with Buz® Laundry Bright L 832

Area of application


Environmental Information

Proportion of easily degradable ingredients

97.5 %

Phosphorus content

0.7 mg/g

Palm oil-based raw materials - RSPO-certified share

100 %

Sales units

  • L810-0200RA: 1 x 200 l drum
  • L810-0010RA: 1 x 10 l canister
  • L810-0020RA: 1 x 20 l canister

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