Buz® Laundry Bright L 832

Buz® Laundry Bright Zoom
  • for laundry
  • pH 2

Further applications
  • for desinfection
Liquid bleaching and disinfecting additive
    For commercial use; suitable for chemo-thermal laundry disinfection (washing temperature of 60°C) for alkali-resistant, bleachable white and colour cleaning fabrics; Not suitable for wool or polyamide; Not suitable for washing laundry heavily soiled with blood
Product benefits
  • Outstanding whitening effect for laundry that is pure-bright and hygienically clean
  • Broad antimicrobial effective range at a washing temperature of 60 °C
  • RKI- (scope: AB) and VAH-listed washing process in combination with Buz® Laundry Compact L 810
  • Fibre-friendly oxygen bleach

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  • 20 kg canister

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