Bucasan® Pine G 453

Daily routine cleaner
Bucasan® Pine
  • Application Tips
  • for sanitary cleaning
  • pH 6.5

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Mild fragrant cleaner for sanitary facilities
    For hygienic cleaning and air improvement for the entire sanitary and wet area; can be used on tiles, sinks, toilets, sanitary porcelain, glass, chrome or stainless steel and on acid-sensitive materials such as enamel, aluminium, plastic and natural stone surfaces such as marble, shell limestone etc.
Product benefits
  • Leaves a pleasant, long-lasting freshness
  • Material-compatible with good cleaning performance
  • Dries quickly and streak-free without subsequent drying
  • Quickly and effectively removes skin grease and soap residues
Other useful information
  • Operating instructions
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  • Environmental Information
  • Further practical tips can be found in the service portal.
  • Application with scrubber dryer: 50 - 100 Millilitre / 10 liter Water

  • Floor cleaning in the wet mopping process: 20 - 100 Millilitre / 10 liter Water

  • Manual surface cleaning: 20 - 100 Millilitre / 10 liter Water

  • Application in the spray cleaning process: 50 Millilitre / 600 Millilitre Water

  • 10 l canister