Corridor® Power Stripper S 708

Basic cleaner
Corridor® Power Stripper Zoom
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  • for floors
  • pH 10

High-performance universal basic cleaner
    For water-resistant, alkaline-sensitive elastic floor coverings, such as linoleum, elastomer coverings, and PVC; for removal of stubborn coatings and care films that are multi-coated, metal ion cross-linked and free of inorganic salt
Product benefits
  • For universal use
  • Outstanding dissolving action on encrustations and compressed care films
  • Fast-acting and residue-free dissolving of coatings
  • Low dosage, very economical
  • High material compatibility
  • Foam-inhibited
  • Very high dispersive capacity for optimum surface action
  • Time saving and powerful thanks to special solubility promoters
Your Downloads
  • 2,5 l / 7,5 l water
  • 2,5 l / 7,5 l water
  • 5 l canister